If we say that heaven symbolizes man, then earth symbolizes woman. A house is a stage where a woman conducts her life. It is filled with love for all the members of the family, centered on the mother. The family, with the mother at its center, is the basic unit of the nation and the world. I use the word "house" in the title of the organization I am proposing because this word contains the meaning of "exalting the earth, centering on the mother." It also signifies "to teach." The word "house" in this tide, therefore, signifies a center for the education of women.


Through this organization, we can provide new impetus to our work, giving opportunities to people of all countries and all walks of life for meaningful exchanges and education on a God-centered vision for world peace. Political leaders, scholars, religious leaders, journalists and educators, as well as leaders of women and youth, all are needed to make this work successful. This vision of world peace is centered on those families whose mothers accomplish mind-body unity through love. They are representatives of all women of the world.

From Pyeong Hwa Gyeong Book 7


The House of Unification for the World Peace(세계평화통일당, 世界平和統一堂) was founded by True Parents on August 24th, 1992 at the 1st World Culture and Sports Festival Congratulatory Banquet held at Little Angels Performing Arts Center (now called Universal Arts Center).