Our books on True Parents' life, and testimonies from Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Eu and other members.

Danbury and American Providence

As witnessed by President Gil Ja Sa Eu

Author: Gil Ja Sa Eu

Year: 2018

Format: paperback

Language(s): English, Korean, Japanese

Published by The House of Unification for World Peace

Danbury and American Providence is a precious fruit of President Eu's profound understanding of the providence and historical consciousness. She made careful records while reflecting on the cosmic significance of True Parents' words. Especially, True Mother's leadership that united the members with hope and new determination in a situation of crisis moves us deeply. Hence, this book is full of inspiring and moving records and testimonies. I truly recommend a reading of it to our blessed families and members.


(Kyeung-Seuk Lu, Korean President, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification)


This book contains precious words of True Parents and tales of main figures who have served True Parents in American providence. Hence, it is clearly an invaluable material that can help us understand the essence of American providence.

(Joon-Ho Seuk, Director, Sun Moon Education Institute)


The Unfinished History

A study on the oral history of Unificationist students expelled from Ewha Womans University

Author: Sang Hee Kim

Year: 2018

Format: ebook (epub/mobi)

Language(s): English, Korean

Ebook published by The House of Unification for World Peace

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In the first semester of 1955, Ewha Womans University dismissed five faculty members and fourteen students. This incident received significant press coverage, under titles such as “An untimely religious crisis at EWU” (Pyunghwa Shinmoon, May 15), “An expulsion crisis at EWU” (Chosun Ilbo, May 16), “A competition in virtue” (Donga Ilbo, May 17), and “Should students be expelled for their religious belief?” (Hankook Ilbo, May 23). What happened?


This book reconstructs and restores the experiences and memories of the expellees from a historical viewpoint.

A Testimony to God's Word in Regards to Divine Principle

Author: Gil Ja Sa Eu

Year: 2013

Format: paperback​

Language(s): English, Korean, Japanese

Published by The House of Unification for World Peace

A Testimony to God’s Word, In Regard to Divine Principle, is a lifetime compilation of history, theological brief, devotional guidance and memoir by Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Eu, 80, who is one of the earliest living disciples of Rev. Moon. Mrs. Eu and her late husband, Rev. Hyo Won Eu, were among the first three couples blessed by True Father in 1960. She has devoted more than 30 years to teaching the Divine Principle and refining various systems of instruction, which are still continuously used in certain communities of the church.

Each of the 97 short chapters in this remarkable book is titled with a topic from the Divine Principle or a facet in the historical experience of the Messiah, yet what is unique is the wealth of anecdotes and personal messages from True Father himself, much of which will be new to most readers. For example, readers of True Father’s autobiography will learn of his trips as a boy to the seashore to catch eels, and he was skilled at trapping wild birds. He says he loved doing it and didn’t mind running eight miles to the water. Eu explains in the chapter, “True Father Receives His Calling from God” another reason: due to the Japanese control of the farming produce, many in his village were on the edge of starvation. 

(by Douglas Burton)