Los Angeles CARP: new days at Pasadena Community College

Right now in the PCC Campus, CARP is witnessing every weekday on campus, rain or shine. If its good weather, there is witnessing out side. Even if it rains, which is rare, there is still DP study at the Cafeteria or the lobby room. Every time I visit the cafeteria and see students reading DP for the first time, 2nd or more with this type of method, I feel great hope for witnessing activities for the young Unification members and Students who attend the school. It is an excellent way to witness, while still having the support of community. The Kodan Mothers have really made a lot of foundation for the witnessing activities to take place, and it is an important part of growth for our community. I see this as a revolutionary way to witness.

Recently, 4 students from Sun Moon University came to support CARP PCC witnessing, and it is good to see the three Nations of Korea, Japan, and America, work together. CARP is witnessing daily in preparation for this upcoming Rally for April 7th 2018. it will take place at the LA family church, in Monterey Park, with 300 participants attending. Also, CARP is preparing the 3rd Trip to Japan and Korea this coming summer with 360 Students from other Campuses in LA.

This is really an exciting time, as we promised True Mother Last summer that we will bring 360 students as well. with this promise, more investment, and work is happening to fulfill this pledge.