A witnessing breakthrough in LA

We are grateful to True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind from the bottom of our hearts. We also would like to express our appreciation for the leadership of Continental Chair Dr. Ki Hoon Kim. He always attend True Mother and report to True Mother even small offering from us. That is why we receive a lot of spiritual help from True Parents. And District Pastor Rev. Yang whom True Mother sent to us, and Pastor George Kazakos come to campus and give spiritual help once a week and all brothers and sisters. Also Rev. and Mrs. Inose support us and lead us when we stuck to go to next step.

In 2012 we heard that before witnessing movement happen in Philippine and Brazil, I felt that we need to do 100 times reading DP activity. So I chose 12 people, and each person read 100 times. We did 3 times. This was 1-hour DP. And another level 3-hour not everybody but half people did 100 times. 12 hours was some people and Exposition 100 times 2 people. That was the condition before we went out the campus witnessing.

2013, July I decided to do witness in Campus with 3 other kodan sisters because TM really asked to everybody to witness with Holy Spirit and Truth (DP). We brought 20 students for DP lecture, but could not work well. Then I decided to do by hoon dok hoe style.

During the victory celebration with True Mother for Foundation Day 2014, HSA-UWC Brazil leader Rev. Koichi Sasaki gave his testimony about Brazil’s “successful witnessing activities centered on the Divine Principle” based on one-on-one teaching of the Divine Principle and True Mother urged the world leaders to inherit this victory. Then I raised 1 spiritual child by HDH reading DP (with red, blue and yellow) and Autobiography by one on one. After that, we started to use Cafeteria in Campus of Pasadena City College and read DP with his friend too.

Early in 2014, Kodan was asked to make a breakthrough in witnessing in America. In July 2014, True Mother stated that Kodan should assist CARP. Representing Japanese members in America, I participated in the 2nd anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa 2014 and pledged to win victory in witnessing, which is what True Parents desire most. Since then, I have been instrumental in establishing our Los Angeles witnessing program through Divine Principle Hoon Dok in a community college campus cafeteria. I and Kodan mothers team now have a successful pattern of witnessing and education through which guests regularly come and study the Divine Principle from the Introduction all the way to the chapter on the Second Advent. Through this method, it is possible for our guests to become members in 2-3 months. All of the guests, without exception, encounter opposition and trials from their friends and families at some point, but they are able to overcome the difficulties thanks to their strong ties to their spiritual parents. We feel that this breakthrough in witnessing should now be shared widely and expanded extensively. Now already finish DP and attending WS or Japan Trip or other event or come church is 103 students, and still continue to read DP, process to finish DP is 72 students.

On Sep. 15th, year 2015 PCC CARP club was officially approved by PCC. Since then they started activities, meetings and also witnessing with Kodan mothers. 2017, we expanded 5 colleges and 2 Famous University, we expanding CARP chapter. First of all we had only 7 mothers and only my first daughter, but one by one 2G helped and do with mothers 3, 7, 12 second generation .... now 33 second G and 33 mothers. This is the most unique point of this LA Campus witnessing. Mother & Child corporation and 1G students & 2G students corporation, too. Now at 7 colleges, we are doing as same way, one on one DP reading. Students easily bring their friends before finish reading or after. For example, my SS Pedro brought his game friend G and his friend Angelo asked to him to attend reading. Angelo was bringing 2 or 3 friends. Now he made 3 ss. And also students try to bring their parents, too. Even my house is so small, many students come all the time after school and eat together and talk together and pray together. Then they make condition one by one and get ownership. This is Home church.

Testimony: One of my spiritual child was so struggle to accept True Parents as Second Advent after finished reading DP. But he continued to come to Sunday service. And he made 40 days prayer condition and he came to my house everyday to pray together with us. One week later, it was Hyo Jin Nim's Memorial Service and one brother sang a song of Hyo Jin Nim. He did not know anything about Hyo Jin Nim but he couldn't stop shedding tears when he heard this song. When he felt Hyo Jin Nim's spirit, he was able to naturally open his heart and he was able to accept True Parents are the Second Advent. One day True Mother said that many young people can open their hearts and be moved by Hyo Jin Nim's songs. Through this experience he wants to lead CARP activity.

We started to do Workshop the end of the year [Turning Point WS] from 2016. 2016: only CARP LA (80 1st and 2nd G attend /FG: 29, SG: 51). 2017:105 from LA CARP (FG: 30, SG: 94). From 2016 also we start to go to Japan and Korea (Hyo Jeong trip). 2016: 36 students (5 staff), 2017: 120 students (10 staff), and this year will bring 360 students!! In 2017 Dec 16 we made 1200 Peace Rally in LA using at Christian Church [Revival Start With Me]. This was for N & S Korea Unity for God and TP because this is the dream of TP and this is CARP is one of the purpose. CARP LA members worked hard to do witnessed in campus and outreach to African -American Christian churches every Sunday after service. American-Christian Pastors are so open. They welcome our CARP students and easy to catch their heart, even very Famous Bishop could open heart and can unite with TP's Vision which is N&S Korea unity. We will do continue for 3000, 10000 rally.

For growing Education is very important. So CARP LA have a prayer and education day we call {WAR ROOM}. At there, studying Bible (students have to understand bible), Unification Thought, and creating Hyo Jeong culture. They love to study UT.

I really believe that CARP LA could stand strong in front of TM and work hard for TP's desire and we will establish Cheon Il Guk at America corporate with Heavenly Africa and help to Korea. Thank you so much for everything.