April 10 ~ 13

In Chicago we had a full house with a very receptive and responsive audience, and in my presentation my words came out with much ease. During the book signing time so many people came to Mrs. Eu to take pictures with her.

That night one sister approached us and asked about the reason for the Ewha University expulsion. Father’s autobiography is written in a way that it can be read to mean that the 14 expellees were expelled because they disobeyed Father’s instruction to stay quiet until their graduation. However, we must understand that the book is trying to protect Father from public scandal. What really happened is that the expellees had to renounce their faith to remain at school, and they refused to renounce their faith. Mrs. Eu only had one semester to go before her graduation, and Mrs. Mal Sook Lee only had to do one course to graduate. But they refused to renounce their faith even for one day. Christian martyrs lost their heads because they refused to renounce Christ. Why couldn’t they just renounce Christ and pursue a quiet life of faith?

Also, if they had renounced their faith, it would have meant no mission activities in Ewha and Yonsei Universities. However, they were not just one of the mission places; rather, they were the prime mission places Father had specifically chosen to turn Christianity around. Where else would True Parents find bright, young Christians? Therefore, the expellees chose to fight to save the chosen mission place.

We visited a building that is being bought as the new church and subregional headquarters.

In the morning of our departure Mrs. Eu invited Rev. Willie Weston and his wife to breakfast, a couple that had visited Korea and been matched with Mrs. Eu in a sisterhood ceremony. Also in attendance were Pastors Rendell (Subregional director) and Sagisaka (Chicago leader).