April 5 ~ 10

Ohio is one of the states where Mrs. Eu served as a regional director. At the airport we were greeted by Ohio pastor Marquis Van De Mark and Mr. Takenaka. Mr. Takenaka said to me, “She is your mother, but she is my mother, too.” Throughout our stay he expressed so much love and appreciation for her.

Mr. Takenaka has a very successful business running in Columbus that includes a Japanese restaurant, a bakery café, and a supermarket and employs about 180 people. Half of his employees are members. Last year they achieved a record profit. This and his financial support provide a strong basis for the Columbus church as well as for the US headquarters and many other church organizations.

Our program venue, the Columbus church, had just been renovated, with nice art walls and colorful lighting. Our program was graced by a Japanese choir who sang a song entitled Hana, which means “flower”. After our program we had lunch with second generation leaders. Columbus church has a trinity pastor system, and one of the trinity pastors is Nathan, a 21-year-old second generation. It was nice to see young second generation taking an active role in leading the church.

On our departure, many members came to the airport to send us off. After we checked in we sat around and had a short and nice sharing time. Then we went in for security check. It was a long and arduous process, but they waited for us all throughout the process. So before walking away to our gate we had another vigorous good-bye waive. It was such a heart-warming farewell.

Thank you, Columbus!

A flower welcome at the hotel with Pastor Marquis and his wife

On our arrival day Mrs. Eu spoke to Japanese members at Mr. Takenaka's restaurant.

We visited the grave of Mrs. Hsu, a long-time member and dear friend of Mrs. Eu

Grace, Mrs. Hsu's daughter

Nathan, a trinity youth pastor

Lunch with second generation leaders

With Mr. and Mrs. Takenaka