Good bye!

As our flight back approached San Francisco, light of evening glow cascaded onto our seats. Eguchi san said, “So beautiful!”

Yes, it’s finally over, and we are going home!

One thing interesting about Mrs. Eu is that her speeches almost always start with “Father says”. To be honest, I was sometimes embarrassed as a translator because it sounded like she doesn’t have her own ideas. I can testify that her whole life is a love affair with True Parents. Not only her life of faith, but also her interests, favorites, and hobbies are shaped by what True Parents like, what they have done, and so forth. Hence, her life is a living testimony to the love of True Parents, and she takes it as her life’s mission to tell the world who True Parents are. Making her speech always about True Parents, rather than about herself, makes her a selfless mirror of the glory of True Parents. And Mr. Takenaka says that's what makes her different from other leaders.

At the start of this tour, I had serious worries about the American church. I was worried I might see a church weighed down by the recent disasters. However, what I found is bright faces, unshaken dedication, and hope. I saw people rebuilding their faith, their lives, and their community singing songs of hope. They are the true owners of the church.

It has been a true privilege to be a witness to all this. I fly home with all this in my heart.

Thank you, and good-bye, America!