Las Vegas

In Las Vegas we stayed at the beautiful True Parents’ house Cheon Hwa Gung. We were greeted by LV Pastor Rev. Doo and Japanese missionaries. I was glad to hear that Las Vegas has a strong and growing CARP, and they are also doing witnessing with reading lectures. In the book signing session one CARP member bought a book for CARP and asked us to sign it for CARP and victory of 10,000 rally.

Las Vegas is a place Father visited frequently in his last years. Rev. Doo said he visited it almost every other month for the last 4 years of his life. The day after the program we visited the Hoover Dam, where Father used to come to fish. Rev. Doo took us to the Lake Mead Marina, where Father’s boats used to be parked. Mrs. Eu was saying to herself, “Why did Father come here so often?” I could see that she was really missing him.

On our departure day we said goodbye to Bill, who had been kind enough to drive us from San Francisco, and flew to Dallas.

Thank you, Las Vegas!


At Lake Mead Marina with Rev. Doo