Washington DC. Maryland, Virginia

Mar 12 ~ Mar 23

For our programs in Washington DC, Maryland (Bowie), and Virginia (Nova), we stayed at the historic Upshur house, which is the first house True Parents bought in America (1967) and where the blessing of the first American couples (13 couples) took place.

At the DC event, minister Elijah lectured Christology with a strong voice powered by an attractive African accent. At the QA session, one sister asked about the sanctuary church, and Mrs. Eu was clear: “H1 and H2 are completely wrong, and that’s not what True Parents want. As such, they will come down soon. So you need not worry, and just keep focusing on your own faith”.

At Virginia church we had a separate program for KEA. Here Mrs. Eu spoke spontaneously much of the time while still using her speech transcript. In the previous speeches she had been almost completely buried in her transcript; her age had turned her from an eloquent spontaneous speaker to a transcript reader. But today I was very happy to see a spurt of her former glory.

March 16 was the 70th birthday of bishop George Augustus Stallings, and we were invited to his birthday party. He is a Christian minister who has accepted True Parents as the Messiah and was one of the key supporters of Father during his Danbury ordeal. Hence, our attendance was something quite serendipitous. It was impressive to see many Christian leaders from across the nation congratulating and praising him as a man of God that, despite his close ties with the controversial Rev. Moon.

Little Yosei is a resident at the Upshur house. One day he and her mom visited us with a picture book he made. It was a collection of pictures he drew after reading Father’s autobiography As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen. The drawings are about important episodes of Father’s life. On the day he started to read the autobiography, he saw Father in his dream. It is remarkable that Father’s life could inspire a nine-year old to be so passionate about him.

Thanks to the love and care of the family members there, we had a great time in Upshur house. Thank you, Southeast sub-region!

Upshur House

Washington DC



Virginia KEA

Yosei and his family

With Bishop Stallings and Rev. Patton

On our departure day Nanae san and Katzumi san sang songs for Mrs. Eu

Farewell at Upshur House

The Upshur family packed delicious lunch for our trip to New York.