DP Lecture

When I started taking care of DP lecture class back in 2002, there were dozens of students, divided into boys and girls second generation classes, the first generation class, and the Japanese class. Now I have only a few high school students, but practices in Korean, Japanese, and English just before every Sunday service. As I try to read the DP quotes in the lecture, my brain still gets filled so quickly after reading several slides. I realize that I am still not quite united with the spiritual content of the lecture in addition to the language barrier (not being a native speaker of English).

Although we have been using Powerpoint slides on a TV, with the new expanded 3-hour version, I plan to use the printed books so that both the lecturer and listeners can see the hidden notes. This way, our eyes will not be as tired as watching the screen. I hope to introduce more students to my class or collaborate with Sunday school to expand the tradition of repeatedly studying/practicing the Divine Principle lecture.

A mathematics teacher I respected said "There are only two things needed to accomplish something: 1) Start, and 2) Continue. My tendency is that once I started something, I cannot stop it without a good reason. I like to reach a goal by continuing anything some day.