New York, Belvedere, New Jersey

Mar 23 ~ April 1

It was a Palm Sunday in New York. The song leaders were impressively lively, and Rev. Jesse Edwards led a dynamic, Christian-style service featuring Jesus and palm leaves. I was glad to meet Rev. Edwards, as he is one of those who strongly supported True Parents during the Danbury time.

I was happy to be back to beautiful Belvedere, the place where I stayed when I first came to America in 1982 and taught the Sunday school in later years. This is also where Mrs. Eu stayed when she first arrived in America. We strolled along scenic pathways, through the lawns, and over the pond, reminiscing about the old days.

We had the Easter Sunday in New Jersey and had Rev. Edwards again for Sunday sermon. During the sermon he said he had been expelled from his denomination and even lost his family members due to his faith in True Parents. So now he is serving as the pastor of New York Unification Church. Now, after 30 years of unwavering dedication to True Parents, his family and denomination are coming back to him, and they strongly supported the Peace Starts with Me rally last year. May God bless you and your future endeavours Rev. Edwards!

Thank you New York, Belvedere, and New Jersey!

New York Sunday singers

Rev. Edwards leading the Palm Sunday service

New York


With Japanese leaders at Belvedere

Dinner at East Garden with EG staff

New Jersey

With members of Leda Project

Mrs. Eu gave her book to Rev. Edwards

Sisters who took care of our meals in NJ