April 4 ~ 5

April 4, our program day, is the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination. Boston Pastor Catherine Ono thought this was significant, and played a song dedicated to his memory at the beginning of our program. I agree with her because Danbury represents Father’s victory over death. We can think of today as a day when King’s death is turned into life.

Pastor Ono joined when she was eighteen, and she has always been on the frontline ever since, even now at the age of sixty-one. She has had personal tragedies: her daughter died of brain cancer, and her husband is currently out of work after a crippling accident. None of this, however, has been able to diminish her spirit or dedication to True Parents. Furthermore, she says she has never taken payments or salary from the church. Instead, she is working part time to support her family. She then uses the funds for church programs. I am deeply moved by her faith and dedication.

I gave her my cell phone car holder because I saw her navigating with a phone in her hand. In fact, I will need it when we are back in San Francisco, but I never knew that giving a small gift could make me so happy.

Dr. Hiroi, a PhD in astronomy currently working in Boston, was our Japanese translator. I was impressed to hear that he had been teaching the Principle with Mrs. Eu’s lecture manuals every week for sixteen years. Currently his class is not as big as when he started; hopefully, however, his persistence will soon be rewarded with a breakthrough. Thank you for your dedication, Dr. Hiroi!

Thank you Boston!

Pastor Ono expresses her appreciation

Dr. Hiroi gives a testimony about his lecture manual class.