Mrs. Eu's speech for the tour

The purposes of my visit to America

1. To resolve the sorrow of True Parents

In 1955, 14 students and 5 professors of Ewha Womans University and 2 students and 1 professor of Yonsei University were expelled from their university for following the Unification Church despite the admonitions of the university to quit the church. Because of this True Father received severe persecution and was imprisoned in 1955. After several thorough investigations, however, he was found innocent and released. The expelled students graduated from other universities. However, Father has a strong desire for them to get an honorary diploma from Ewha University and for the university to announce our innocence in their main auditorium. So throughout our whole life we have been working hard to achieve this.

2. To encourage every member to be Divine Principle lecturers

True Father would like us all to be Divine Principle lecturers. He said only then will God’s sorrow be resolved, and will we be welcomed and well treated in the spirit world. Otherwise, we will be useless people in the spirit world. So please step up your efforts. According to True Parents, in the spirit world, there are no worries about food, clothes, and shelter; only the Divine Principle, which is an eternal word of life from God, is the eternal nutrition of life for spirits; hence, if we diligently learn, teach, and practice the Divine Principle and True Parents’ words on earth, we will be able to live in joy and happiness for eternity in the spirit world. However, according to Father, if we don’t do this on earth and cannot speak the Divine Principle and the words in the spirit world, we will be dumb and a shameful existence and cause disappointment and complaint from those who have not been able to follow True Parents on earth. Hence, according to Father, the most important mission for going to the spirit world is to be leaders who give their utmost to spread and practice the Principle and the words. And he said when someone goes to the spirit world, we should send him off with Wolli Gangron (Exposition of the Divine Principle) on his chest.

As for the method of lecture, he asked us to give lectures by reading the Principle book. For this, since Wolli Gangron is very long, he asked us to put colors on the book to divide its contents according to their importance. We did this, and after a while produced a one-hour lecture manual based on the red-colored parts. Father was very happy to see this and asked us to produce a 3-hour manual, 12-hour manual, and an expanded edition of the 3-hour manual, which supplements the 3-hour manual with explanations from Father’s words and the Bible. The expanded edition can be used by anyone to give lectures, regardless of their speaking skills, because they just need to read it, and all explanations are there.

3. To activate the 100 hoondok (reading) of the Divine Principle

Father has asked us to do a 100 hoondok on the 1-hour, 3-hour, and 12-hour lecture manuals, which means to read each of these manuals out loud 100 times. Father found the 100-reading method when he started studying Japanese. After just learning the Japanese alphabets, he read a Japanese book out loud. At first he did not know any meaning, but after repeating it 100 times he could understand the entire meaning of the book. Hence, he said even if you don’t understand the Divine Principle, if you read it 100 times, its profound meaning will naturally come to you, with deep feelings of inspiration, and asked us all to follow Father’s 100-time reading method. I myself have completed a 100 reading of the 1-hour manual and am doing it with the 3-hour manual. These days there is a growing 100 reading boom in Korea, raising levels of faith for individuals and families. Please make efforts to do a 100 reading yourself.

4. To bear witness to the victory of Danbury

In this tour I have brought a book that describes True Parents’ victory in Danbury, which took me 3 years to produce. In Danbury prison inmates who used to criticize and ridicule Rev. Moon as a fake religious leader were moved by Father’s daily life of sincerity and service to everyone. They stopped criticizing and started to serve him as a respected teacher. They moved from calling him “Hey, Moon” at first to calling him “Mr. Moon”, “Rev. Moon” and eventually “Father Moon.” As a controversial figure, Father was always in danger of assassination. However, inmates who respected Father kept guard until the end after Kamiyama was released, and he came out safe. I would like to read a letter written by one of those inmates, Bill Shepherd, to Mr. Kamiyama. The whole letter can be found in my book Danbury and American Providence.

As I mentioned to you, I understand the importance of helping and protecting Father while here at Danbury. I know in my heart that I can protect him with my life if necessary, and I sincerely hope you can convey this to everyone.

Jesus died on the cross. However, Father came out safe and alive from Danbury, which is the cross of the 20th century. This is the victory of Danbury. Only with this victory could Father build the worldwide foundation he has today. I was called by True Parents to work in America in place of my husband late President Eu, along with 36, 72, and 124 blessed couple husbands, and had the honor to serve them closely by their side. I worked in America for 13 years including the time of Danbury. Danbury is the most unforgettable moment of my 63 years of life of faith, and I am grateful for having been able to participate in this providence. So I came to America, the home of Danbury, with this book to tell you about the glorious victory of Danbury, Inheriting the victory of Danbury means to take Father’s prison life as my own suffering and work hard to be a victorious leader who can fulfill Father’s Will. I would like our members to inherit this glorious victory of True Parents and proud testimonies of their elders and be proud younger brothers and sisters before God, True Parents, and elders.