Los Angeles

In LA our program was given as Sunday service. They had great music, and it was great to see many members of second generation actively leading the service. This time Mrs. Eu spoke in Korean because there were many Korean members in attendance, and I translated her into English.

In the QA session one brother asked how, after his Sung Hwa, Father is working on earth. Mrs. Eu’s answer was that if we keep Father in our hearts and study and practice his words, he is alive and working on earth, and God’s Will will be realized. She added that she is doing this tour despite some skepticism for the sole reason that this is what Father would like her to do.

Our special experience in the City of Angels was to meet Naoko Hiraki, who pioneered a new path for the reading lecture of the Divine Principle at Pasadena Community College and achieved great victory.

Based on the condition of completing a 100 reading of the lecture manuals and The Exposition in 2003, she started witnessing with reading lectures in 2014, where she sat one-to-one with a student and read a color-coded The Exposition. This got great responses from students, and other blessed parents and second generations joined in to help. Now they are getting about 30 guests every day including new and returning guests for one-to-one reading. They had a 1,000 people rally last year ( facebook.com/RSWMrally), and are now planning a 10,000 people rally.

Our members are divided between reading lectures and free-style lectures (lectures with your own prepared content). Although Father emphasized the importance of the reading lecture several times, it has not been popular with American members. However, the victory in Pasadena is a formidable testimony to the power of reading lectures.

Thank you, Los Angeles!


Mrs. Eu poses with Naoko (3rd from left) and students on the way to PCC witnessing