San Francisco

We had the first program of our tour in San Francisco, at the church in San Leandro. At the venue we were greeted by lovely children because the place is being used also as a school founded by Dr. Durst.

The program started with Mrs. Eu’s speech, followed by Principle lectures with a lecture manual, 100 reading testimonies, website introduction, and question and answer with Mrs. Eu.

Although 100 hoondok is currently not making a big wave in America, I found out that there was an active campaign in San Francisco 2 years ago, where 100 people gathered every day for 100 days to read the 1-hour manual and had profound experiences. Today’s program was a time when those memories and inspirations could be brought back.

Thank you, San Francisco. I hope your hoondok tradition can grow ever strongly and bring you joy and love ever more!


Mrs. Eu discusses the program in San Francisco